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The housing guarantee only comes into effect when there are no more student housing units at Tunabyggen and Kopparstaden before a new semester.

When the housing guarantee comes into effect, a link on this page will be activated. Only when the link is activated can you apply for a housing guarantee. Your application must have been received no later than 14 days before the start of the semester. In case of later registration, applications are prioritized according to availability. 


To be covered by the warranty you must

- Be registered in the national register except commuting distance, at least 1 hour one-way journey, from one of the Dalarna University Campuses.

- Place yourself in the housing queue at Kopparstaden and Tunabyggen at the latest at the time of application for the education.

- Study at least half-time (15 ECTS) per semester at Dalarna University.

- Be able to show active search for an apartment on your own with the municipal housing companies and
- That you register in the form at when the housing guarantee comes into force.

For information

- The guarantee only applies to one (1) offer of accommodation at Tunabyggen, Kopparstaden or via

- The guarantee does NOT apply if you have refused to write a contract.

- The guarantee does not cover students with families and pets.


Student Dalarna guarantees

- That you are informed about your housing offer according to the process below, no later than seven (7) days before the start of the semester

- That the accommodation must be located a maximum of 30 minutes by public transport to one of Dalarna University's campuses


The process

- In the first instance, you are offered a student residence at Kopparstaden or Tunabyggen.

- Alternatively, you are offered your own home or a room in a shared apartment/house with a private operator via

- Thirdly, you are offered temporary accommodation*, which can be a dormitory, for example.

- In the case of temporary accommodation, you must be offered other accommodation as soon as possible because temporary accommodation is for a limited time.

*For temporary accommodation, there is a charge based on the number of nights

It is the collaboration group Student Dalarna that stands behind the housing guarantee. Student Dalarna consists of the parties Dalarna student union, Högskolan Dalarna, Borlänge municipality, Falu municipality, Tunabyggen and Kopparstaden.  

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