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Affärs plan

Do you want to collaborate with us?

We at Student Dalarna are open to suggestions and would like to collaborate with you! You can always  get in touch with one of us to have a meeting. The University of Dalarnas students are incredibly important for the region and have a lot of competence. We must work together to keep them in Dalarna!

Job advertisements & Degree theses

Dalarna University has approximately 4,500 campus students, of which approximately 450 students are international. Many of the international students can imagine staying - but unfortunately many go back to their home country due to not getting a job here.

Students, national and international, are incredibly important to our region and it is important that we work together to retain them. Therefore, we encourage you to write your job advertisements in both Swedish and English (provided that Swedish is not a must to be able to carry out the work).

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