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Home insurance

We recommend that you get your own home insurance. Home insurance means that you can receive compensation for your things (movables) if they are stolen in a burglary or destroyed in a fire. This applies both to things inside your home and if you have things in an attic or basement storage (but stolen things are not replaced if they are stored outside the home). Home insurance can also cover the costs of emergency care when traveling, the costs of a lawyer in a dispute, provide compensation if you are assaulted or pay if someone claims you for damages.

If you live in a rental property, you only need to have home insurance. Your landlord is responsible for the housing's immovable property, i.e. floors and walls, kitchen and bathroom, doors and windows and more. Damages must normally be repaired by the landlord, but if you have paid for any fixed furnishings in your tenancy yourself, such as a stove or a bathtub, your home insurance can cover that as well.

If you are an international student, check whether the insurance you have in your home country also covers your university's insurance.

This is where you can get an home insurance

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