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Exampel contracts

The landlord has the discretion to design the contract as they see fit and include or exclude any terms they desire. The following contracts are merely suggestions, and the landlord is free to make alterations as they see fit.

On Hyresgästföreningens (the Tenant Association's) website, you can find more information at the following link: []( (Please note that membership is required to access all information on the Tenant Association's website.)

Remember that written approval from the landlord or housing association is required for subletting.

A tip for landlords is to have a deposit that the student pays upon moving in. Inspect the residence together and draft a contract once you have reached an agreement. When the student moves out, inspect the room together, and if the residence looks the same as when the student moved in, the deposit is refunded. If the room does not look the same, the deposit can be used for cleaning, etc.

If you encounter a conflict that you need help resolving, we recommend that you contact the Rent Tribunal or the Enforcement Authority.

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