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VFU accommodation

Here we collect information and tips for you who are looking for VFU accommodation in Dalarna. VFU is an abbreviation for Business-based training and is common in vocational training such as e.g. nurse or teacher.


Currently, there is no organized accommodation for students who have difficulty commuting between their regular residence and their VFU (practical training) location. Therefore, we are working to establish connections with providers in the county who can offer accommodation to students during VFU periods.

Region Dalarna sometimes offers accommodation to nursing students in Falun, Mora, Ludvika, and Avesta. Please contact for more information. Please note that there is high demand for these accommodations, and most are allocated to medical students from other universities. There is no guarantee of accommodation via Region Dalarna. Therefore, we have listed below some other accommodation options that we have been in contact with.

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